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who we are

North Shore Power Group began its journey to bring clean energy opportunities to others and started working towards a greener future well ahead of its time. Headquartered in beautiful Blind River, Ontario, North Shore Power Group is completely owned by the Corporation of the Town of Blind River.

What we do

NSPG owns solar and hydraulic generating facilities. We construct, operate, maintain, own and lease power generating equipment and projects. Visit our Project Gallery to view examples of systems in our portfolio

how we do it

We sell power to Hydro One and we lease power generating equipment. In some cases, NSPG has a Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) directly with the Independent Electricity System Operator (“IESO”), who has taken over the FIT and Micro FIT programs from the Ontario Power Authority (“OPA”). In other cases, we lease equipment to operators and homeowners who have their own PPA. We also operate and maintain projects for some of our clientele, and individuals in need of our services.

what we own

Photovoltaic generating technology dominates our generating asset portfolio.

where our projects are

The projects we own span across Ontario; from Rainy River in the west, to Blind River (the center of Ontario!), to London in the south and to Ottawa in the east.

what we are

NSPG is very similar to most PUC’s in Ontario. The Town of Blind River is a municipal corporation. NSPG is a business corporation, wholly-owned by the Town of Blind River.

why we are

The Town of Blind River, seeing the value in a greener future for its community and surrounding area, wished to participate in the economic opportunities also arising under the Ontario Green Energy Act enacted in 2009. NSPG’s Articles observe Sections 141, 142 and 144 of the Electricity Act. Under Section 141(1) of the Electricity Act, a municipal corporation can generate electricity and transmit, distribute and retail it but only through a business corporation set up under the authority of Section 142.

Powerful Dollars at Work

Our projects

NSPG is a stakeholder in 123 solar projects in Ontario that have been developed since 2010 and total 4.4mW.  We operate and maintain solar projects where we own the equipment and, in some cases, hold the power contract (84 projects, 4mW). We also provide these services to third party -owned solar projects inside our Region of Algoma Manitoulin (17 projects, 3.4mW). For our projects outside of the Algoma-Manitoulin area, we subcontract these solar project services out (39 projects, 400kW).
We own one 150kW waterpower facility which we operate and maintain. NSPG provides operating and maintenance services at two third party-owned waterpower facilities (3.6mW), where we also manage the water levels and operate in accordance with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry's ("MNRF") Water Management Plan for the Blind River watershed.

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