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  • stakeholder report 2023

    Coming soon.

  • Audited Financial statements - year ending december 31, 2022

    2023-11-02: Last year's Financial Statements are now available online for review

  • Meeting Minutes

    2023-06-05: Adopted minutes will be added to our site and historical content will be populated.  

  • audited financial statement updates

    2023-06-05: Field work is being reviewed and the 2022 statements are being prepared. 

  • newsletter update

    2023-06-05: New from NSPG, we will be rolling out a newsletter a few times a year to provide a snapshot update. 


    2023-06-05: Our reports from last year have been added, and we will populate historical  content over the next week.

  • blind river watershed water levels

    2023-06-05: Work in progress - We are actively working this week at populating the site with this data again. 

  • WEbsite update

    2023-06-05: Last update was today. After years of our former host having connection availability issues resulting in more down time than uptime, we have changed providers and are pleased to welcome you to our new and improved site. Please let us know what you think! We'd love to hear from you!

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