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Lessee Information

If you are an equipment lease client, please click here to access information that relates to your project and lease.

Maintenance Services

NSPG operates and maintains a number of sites that we own and lease. In 2017, we extended our services to other system owners and now offer operation and/or maintenance services to those in need. Please contact us for details and rates.

Community Involvement

We currently offer a local bursary program and are members of the Blind River Chamber of Commerce. We look forward to further developing our community presence! Learn More

Local Water Level Management

If you are interested in the water levels of the local watershed we maintain, please click here: Learn More. If you wish to send us feedback, please email questions@northshorepowergroup.com. Thank you!

Job Creation

Click here to see the jobs we have available, if you are interested in joining our team! 

Lessee Info

Community Opportunity

North Shore Power Group developed a business model where we could team up with property/homeowners and invest in the Micro FIT program to generate revenue for both parties. The result was an Equipment Lease Agreement for the solar projects we installed at no cost to the home or property owner. Under this agreement, NSPG absorbed the upfront cost of the entire system and its installation, as well as the cost to operate and maintain the system for the duration of the 20 year contract. In return, NSPG charges 90% of the revenue the system generates to recoup these invested costs and the operation and maintenance of the system, and the home owner retains 10% of the gross revenue, having contributed zero funds themselves. Not a bad deal! In addition, NSPG also ensures that we carry insurance for the systems, pay the delivery fee bill associated with the Micro FIT system and also look after tax registration and remittance, where applicable. In addition to creating a revenue stream for residents and the Town of Blind River, the operation and maintenance the systems require for the span of their contract has also generated local jobs.

Are You An NSPG Lessee As Described Above?

Below you will find information that you may find useful. Please note that you are welcome to visit or call the office at any time for further information as well. (More Coming Soon!)

IESO - CLICK HERE to visit the IESO microFIT website for information, news and updates.

Manage Your Contract - Login to ‘Beacon’ on the IESO website - CLICK HERE

Lessee Info Update Form - Change your email, phone number, mailing address, etc. – UPDATE

Electronic Funds Transfer - Receive your quarterly package and payment online - SIGN UP!

Notice of Sale of Property - If you are listing your property to sell, please complete THIS FORM and return it to us as soon as possible so that we can make sure you have the information you need for a successful transition. (Coming Soon - Contact our Office in the meantime)

HST and Income Tax - What needs to be remitted, reported and how to do it! (Coming Soon - Until then, contact Muriel Dean at 705- 356-1604)

Quarterly Cheque Issuance

Each year we issue quarterly cheques to our Lessees. The schedule used is as follows:

Quarter 1 (January - March) Cheque issued by end of May
Quarter 2 (April - June) Cheque issued by end of August
Quarter 3 (July - September) Cheque issued by end of November
Quarter 4 (October - December) Cheque issued by end of February

Answers to your commonly asked questions

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Are you interested in joining the North Shore Power Group team?

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Renewable Energy Professional ("REP")

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